Who are you and why should  I listen to you!?

Photo cred: Carmina Katigbak

I'm April. I'm a married, have a dog and cat, love all things vintage, can cook like an old farm wife, grew up in SoCal and  moved to Vegas from New York in 2015 after nearly 15 years on the East Coast. I had worked in the bar/restaurant business for over 20 years most of them in NYC and I thought  getting a great job in hospitality in this town with all my experience would be EASY. Turns out, it wasn’t. I ended up in a bad waitressing situation where I was making no money and my confidence from two decades of service was COMPLETELY trashed. When I was let go after over a year, I didn't even ask why. I was just SO relieved it was over. 


After that experience I thought it would be a good idea to step away from the industry for a while and in the Fall of 2016 decided to try ride sharing. The money wasn't much better, but driving around this new city, being MY OWN BOSS, on my own time gave me a freedom I’d never felt before. I was connecting with all kinds of people for these brief moments of their day during a time when the country was in quite an uproar AND discovering so much driving around all the nooks and crannies of this big, spread out town. 


Slowly my confidence began to build and I realized I AM worth something, I DO have talents and skills that are worth sharing and I like everybody else on this planet am worthy of being treated with basic respect. I also realized so does Las Vegas. This town has so much more to offer than the typical SIN CITY and I want everybody to be able to see that. 


Las Vegas is situated in the middle of the beautiful Mojave desert which has so much to offer fans of the great outdoors in hiking, camping, rock climbing and National Parks, plus we are only a short ride away from the mountains and all the winter activities they offer. 


We have a blossoming food scene away from the Strip that is on it's way to giving other major cities a run for the money. There's a flourishing Mexican and Asian population bringing us the best of their food and culture, a burgeoning art scene in a city where artists can still afford to follow their passion, and with an endless supply of fantastic antique/vintage shops and neighborhoods filled with old architecture  we are a Mid-Century enthusiasts dream all while somehow holding on to the spirit of the Wild West.


Even in 2018 


The best part of it all? Unlike the Strip which practically extorts money from you these days, the rest of this town is pretty easy on the wallet. Which is great, because mine is usually pretty empty. 


So follow me on my adventure to discover all the great things this city has to offer beyond the glittering lights of the Las Vegas Strip.


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