July 13, 2017


The Container Park was the first completed project of the $350 million  Downtown Project aimed at the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas. Made entirely out of shipping containers this little mall houses local artisans, restaurants bars and even a wedding chapel all surrounding a massive treehouse featuring 30 foot slides for the kids. 


The Giant Praying mantis guarding the entrance is artwork purchased from The Burning Man Festival and once nightfalls he will greet you with 30 feet fire trails shooting from his antenna while in time to one of his favorite songs. At dusk the staff awakens him with the help of kids and adult volunteers hammering away in a drum circle. 


Make like a local and bring the kids for some playtime while sipping bottomless mimosas or a well crafted bourbon cocktails. Pop into THE DOME for a 4k immersive experience of some old classic rock n' roll classics like Pink Floyd's The Wall.   It's fun for EVERYONE!




Great for kids


707 Fremont St