The #1 Way To Experience Vegas Like A Local

July 26, 2018


So you want you want a taste of real local Vegas culture? 

(YES, we have local culture).

Then nothing will give the vibes in one fell swoop better than heading down to the monthly First Friday Festival in the Downtown Arts District.


I know what you're thinking..."Wait a second, Vegas has an ARTS DISTRICT????"




Located about half-way between the most notable part of the The Strip and Fremont Street the Arts District 18B encompasses an area dissected by Main St and Charleston. Not ONLY do we have Arts District 18b but, it's quickly exploding beyond it’s original 18 blocks into one of the most exciting locals-centric areas of town.  From the smorgasbord of Mid-Century focused vintage stores, an ever expanding bar and coffee scene, some of the of the best places to eat in town and of course THE ART the Downtown Art District is becoming the new face of cool. There's no better time to witness it in all its glory than the monthly FIRST FRIDAY. 


      On the First Friday evening of every month all of the artists inside Art Square and the Arts Factory