Exploring a Robber's Roost?!

July 18, 2018


With summer temperatures resembling the inside of a pre-heating oven here in the beautiful Mojave Desert today we decided we needed a bit of relief and on a whim decided to grab the dog and head up the mountain for a a hike. Mt Charleston, a part of the Spring Mountain Range provides a welcome escape from the heat this time of year and in less than an hour we went from a sizzling 112º degrees to an delightful 78º. RELIEF! In fact I’m fairly certain that watching that temperature drop on the car display as we wound our way up was more satisfying than a box full of bubble wrap.





Unless you count the path between the couch and refrigerator we are not exactly expert hikers, but we’ve slowly been gaining an interest the past few years.  Based on that for todays fun I chose the Robber’s Roost trail. There’s a ton of trails to explore up there. For today though this one sounded good. The Robber’s Roost Trail is a short one at less than a mile and half round trip and marked INTERMEDIATE with easy rock scrambling. OK, so we’ve been on a few INTERMEDIATE hikes before so I think NO PROBLEM! 







It was a little bit of a problem. 


The trail is stunning and leads up to cave formations where legend has it horse thieves would hide  out in the 19th century apparently targeting travels trekking the old Mormon Trail. The massive limestone rock faces are also a major draw for rock climbers and attract people from all over the world. We even saw a lady engaging in the very activity as we hiked. Right up the the totally up and down face of the giant rock.  Ummm, no thank you. Those rocks faces are majestic BOSSES. I do not need to climb and conquer them thanks. Respect. 













Unfortunately the trail is not great if you have a leashed dog.  The beginning of the hike, is TOTALLY fine, beautiful vistas, giant pines, blah, blah, blah. The dog is in heaven, I’m embarrassed by how out of breath I am but, who cares because IT’S ONLY 78º

 UP HERE! Very quickly though it turned into: We’re gonna need all four limbs to climb these rocks and if the dog tugs at her leash pretending she is a mountain goat while we try to do this we may fall and die. 


So we had to turn back. Definitely a bummer because the trail was already awesome so I can only imagine how even more awesome it would have been. Another day though. Without the dog.



If you want to go and explore the hiking trails of Mt Charleston you can check out their trail guides here:






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