The Best Place In Vegas To Spend Your Last $5

September 6, 2018



So you’re winding down on your stay in Vegas. You’ve been on the Strip, down to Fremont, gambled and lost, drank hooch at all hours, seen some shows and enjoyed some crazy expensive but totally worth it meals in the hottest restaurants in town. You’re hung over and your wallet is in TOTAL meltdown. You’ve got $5 left in cash and you refuse to hit the ATM. AGAIN. How can you have a blast with your last bit of vacay time without destroying you bank account OR your liver any further?


The answer my friends is the PINBALL HALL OF FAME.




The Pinball Hall of Fame is NOT just a museum showcasing the world’s most awesome collection of pinball machines. It’s a time machine that will take you back to the days when life was simple and all you needed for a good time was a handful of quarters and a can of Grape Crush. 


Inside the walls of the unassuming building East of the Strip you will find 18,000 sq ft of all out arcade and all you have to do is step up to an old change machine and turn that last sad $5 bill into a fistful of fun. Showcasing primarily old pinball machines that run all the way back to the 1940’s almost all the machines are playable and kept company by a choice selection of other old arcade games and  such old pinball favorites as Ghostbusters pinball, Star Trek pinball and my favorite AC/DC pinball.


The time machine doesn’t just stop there. You can also flash back to Tom Hanks in Big and make a wish on Zoltan or cram into the old photo booth with your friends and get a classic photo strip souvenir.


When your ready for refreshment while there is no bar you can take your pick of pop from the vending machines, hold your hand out in anticipation as you turn the knob on an old candy vendor, and throw 25 cents into the classic popcorn machine for a hot, crunchy treat. 



Who knew you didn’t need a Delorean to revisit the simple and satisfying days of childhood?


Of course, the Pinball Hall of Fame is also an excellent choice for family fun. Take the kids and show them how  we had a good time in the days before we could waste hours with Candy Crush in the palm of our hand and Virtual Reality glasses were something you could pencil in under cat litter on your Target shopping list.


The Pinball Hall of Fame will be moving in 2019 to a space on the south end of Las Vegas Blvd to to a space TRIPLE the size of the current location where they will be able to add 850 machines that currently sit in storage to the floor for people to enjoy. 


For now though they reside at 1610 E Tropicana between Eastern and Maryland Parkway.

Open from 11 am-11 pm Sun- Thurs and 11 am-midnight Fri & Sat.




Get your pinball on!



P.S  I wrote this blog at the end of July and just as I was ready to publish they announced they were planning to close ASAP in anticipation of the new space. I figured in light of the news I'd better shelf this blog but, it's been over a month and the joint is still chugging along so I've decided to release it and I'll just update as changes occur. This place is WAY TOO FUN not to crow about. 












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