My New Favorite Trail! First Creek Trail

April 6, 2019


  “Let’s go on a hike!”


“Ok! Where should we go?”




     This is a common conversation around my house. Here in the Mojave Desert it seems like there is an endless list of hiking trails to explore but, researching and deciding on one ahead of time is often a task neither of us want to do. With this in mind you can imagine that I was quite excited when during a drive through Red Rock Canyon several weeks ago I noticed a most interesting trail head that seemed to lead back to a staggeringly green ravine out towards the rocks. It was marked  “FIRST CREEK TRAIL”. 

     Now, if you’re not familiar with Red Rock Canyon I will try to get you a little up to speed. Red Rock Canyon known as one of the top rock climbing destinations IN THE WORLD is a mere 30 minute ride West of the Strip. For frame of reference if you're REALLY unfamiliar it’s the red hills you see in the distance behind Ceasar’s, The Bellagio, The Mirage, behind the West side of the Strip.  One of our major roads Charleston Blvd  runs out into the canyon turning into ROUTE 159 and coming out the other side at Blue Diamond Rd.  on the south side of town. First Creek trail is about half-way through the drive. Red Rock National Park is off of this road as well, but it is not always necessary to enter the National Park area to enjoy the canyon. This trail is a perfect example of that.



     Since the day I first noticed FIRST CREEK we have been there several times and I can say without a doubt it is my new FAVORITE trail. 


     This is because there is a BEAUTIFUL WATERFALL.  Along a small creek running through the desert there lies a cluster of large boulders where the running water drops over a cliff and into a deep pool/ swimming hole. You can view the water fall from the top rocks where the water spills over or from the lower pool.



     The waterfall does take a bit of walking to get back to, but it’s not anything crazy and once you’re back there you can keep hiking back along the trail and stopping at the many easily accessible areas to enjoy the creek. 



     You’ll find it by driving through the canyon on route 159  looking out for the trail head marked by a small sign.  The parked cars along the road will usually alert you anytime there is a trail coming up and this is the third in a succession of several trail heads fairly close together.