The Most Charming Cup of Coffee In Vegas

April 21, 2019

     Fall Down The Rabbit Hole At Gabi


There’s a secret to Vegas most tourists never realize.

     The secret is that behind the plainest of facades you will often fall down the best rabbit holes into totally different worlds.

     Gabi Coffehouse is the perfect example of that.


Hidden in a yawningly plain strip mall in the Asian District the only evidence of the whimsy that awaits is a Medieval looking wooden door set into the mundane stucco siding.



Step across the threshold and enter an airy space that is a masterpiece of historic whimsy. Inspired by the late 19th Century North Korean era known as the late Chosun Period the interior is a charming mash of antique furniture and curiosities presented with just a pinch of fairy dust. From an ornately carved antique sofa suspended from the ceiling as a sofa swing, taxidermic white peacocks, and a counter area comprised entirely of stacked books the space is filled with quaint seating areas that will make you want to settle in, take in at every little detail and never leave.



Commanding the heart of the space is an aviary larger than my first apartment where you can observe the pastry crew working it’s magic to create some of the  most delicately sweet creations in town. Accompany those sweets with your choice of of thoughtfully prepared coffees or your own personal pot of tea.